Mi hanno imparato a scrivere (special edition) /34

(premessa: perché scrivere un profilo su un sito di annunci solo in italiano? Poi ti capita il bonazzo inglese e non ti contatta – e si noti già il livello di egocentrismo – quindi scriviamolo pure in inglese. Non sai l’inglese? Ma c’è Google translate, un segreto che evidentemente pochi conoscono – appunto l’egocentrismo. Poi, voglio dire, il testo merita certo di essere letto in più lingue, tanto è profondo).

Hello, I hope to be as explicit as possible to make clear what I looking for and what not.
So avoid to falling from the clouds when you write, you will read at least the first three lines and we hurry all soon :)
First of all I’m looking for “male” and not “masculine”, i’m not looking for a lesbian! A man is “man” for antonomasia. Perhaps lesbians can have the characteristic of being “masculine”, but being male is a fact and not a feature.
I am looking for guys who heal his body, no to sofas and lampshades. These are my tastes for everything else there’s Ikea. Then even if you have a big dick that’s a bonus:)
If you’re the kind of guy who writes in his profile is not into sex, do not contact me! Especially if you have photos of the abdominal, butt, chest, or suspected of such.
If you haven’t pics in your profile for any reason, attach easily as private, think a little ‘this site also offers this possibility:) Therefore if you have no picture at all by your free choice to not show yourself, and my free choice to no answer you . Do not ask me to add skype, msn and derivatives without first seeing photos here. If you can use a computer you will know of the existence of digital camera. Then if you’re a ghost and maybe the lens can not catch you, so in this case I would see my points and seek a solution.
No photos with ski masks, diving suits, ski clothing, 19-inch sunglasses, or lady gaga’s slices of salami.
The more i can see you how you really are it’s better. I have no problem saying that are welcome pictures of cocks and asses:) I’m here for sex, i’m not so touchy, unless there is something to be really :p
No absolute drugs.
No to those who have a bad relationship with water , thinking about running the risk of turning from woman to man or vice versa, how did Ranma ½ seconds of hot or cold water :)
No to those that on the pictures of cock you say “I do not care about cock, i’m top.” The fact that you have no interest for cock is outside of characteristics of a top, but is a symptom of other past problems and God forbid.
I give in the ass just as well i take up in the ass, that’s great you are or just one or the other but know that you are coming with one who’s got a cock and then let do the math;)
All more or less embody the archetype of gay people who for some other excesses or less we’re all the same people; I simply prefer consistent and who don’t make so many problems.


Pubblicato il 20 settembre 2012 su gay, Preferisco ridere. Aggiungi ai preferiti il collegamento . 4 commenti.

  1. Ma lui com’è??? è almeno un bono da paura? da approfondire il discorso della relationship con l’acqua…mi è sfuggito completamente: dovrebbe dare indicazioni più precise su quanto e come il “male not masculine” deve lavarsi e a quale temperatura deve essere l’acqua.

  2. Soprattutto “a man is man for antonomasia”. Brividi.
    Complimenti per il blog, è la prima volta che commento :)


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